The following people are those who have caught my eye by writing prolifically about the forefront of the various fields that tie together as the Science of Morality (artificial intelligence, brain imaging, cognitive evolution, consciousness studies, developmental psychology, evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary psychology, ethics, linguistics, neurobiology, philosophy, primatology, political philosophy, religion, robotics, social psychology). I don’t agree with all of them but they all should be read.

Baar, Bernard (blog)

Bostrom, Nick

Brooks, Rodney

Chalmers, David

Cosmides, Leda/Tooby, John

Dawkins, Richard

Franklin, Stan

Greene, Joshua

Haidt, Jonathan

Harris, Sam

Hauser, Marc D.

Hofstadter, Douglas

Hutter, Marcus

McGonigal, Jane

Minsky, Marvin

Nussbaum, Martha

Pickover, Cliff

Pinker, Steven

Portmore, Douglas

Rossano, Matt J.

Steels, Luc

Tomasello, Michael

de Waal, Frans

Yudkowsky, Eliezer

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