* My Papers *

Machine Execution of Human Intentions
GMU – AFCEA Symposium 2014: Critical Issues in C4I
Powerpoint * PDF

The Role of Metacognition in Creating Safe, Self-Improving Entities
University of Maryland Metacognition Seminar

The Nuts & Bolts of Implementing a Safe Motivational System
AAAI-SS2014#4 Implementing Selves w/Safe Motivational Systems & Self-Improvement

What Does It Mean to Create A Self?
AAAI-SS2014#4 Implementing Selves w/Safe Motivational Systems & Self-Improvement

A Myriad of Automation Serving a Unified Reflective Safe/Moral Will –
AAAI Fall Symposium 2013 #2 How Should Intelligence Be Abstracted in AI Research?

The Wisdom of Longevity & Cryonics – Inspiring Radical Life Extension Conference

Ethics in the Age of Intelligent Machines – World Future Society’s WorldFuture 2013

The Bright Red Line of Responsibility – International Assoc for Computing & Philosophy (IACAP) ’13

The “Bright Green” Line of Responsibility/In Defense of Smart Machines –
Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics Conference 5/21/2013

Safe/Moral Autopoiesis & Consciousness – Int. J. Mach. Conscious. 5:1, pp. 59-74, June 2013.
Abstract * PDF

Solving Wicked Social Problems with Collaborative Modeling & Argumentation
HTML * PDF * Powerpoint

Gamification of Innovation, Discovery, Research & Dev: Incentives and Best Practices in Crowd-Sourcing & Crowd-Funding – NoVa Tech Council 2/1/13 Tech Innovations Event
My Powerpoint * Combined Panel Powerpoint

Safely Crowd-Sourcing Critical Mass for a Self-Improving Human-Level Learner/“Seed AI” – Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) ’12
PDF * Powerpoint

Crossing The Line (Creating AGI) – Adv Tech Meetup 10/13/2012

Crowd-Sourcing the Future/DARPA’s Robotics Challenge – Adv Tech Meetup 7/28/2012

Safety and Morality REQUIRE the Recognition of Self-Improving Machines as Moral/Justice Patients & Agents – AISB/IACAP ’12
PDF * Powerpoint

Critical Component Mass for a Safe, Self-Improving Human-Level Learner – Adv Tech Meetup 6/9/2012

Architectural Requirements & Implications of Consciousness, Self, & Free Will – Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) ’11
PDF * Powerpoint * Video

Quantifying Eudaimonia for Motivational and Social Systems – BICA ’11 Workshop

Rational Universal Benevolence:  Simpler, Safer, and Wiser than “Friendly AI” – Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) ’11
HTML * PDF * Powerpoint * Video (starts at 32:15)

Wisdom DOES Imply Benevolence – IACAP ’11
HTML * PDF * PowerPoint

Evolution, Economics and the Shape of the Singularity – Singularity Meetup 5/21/2011

A Game-Theoretically Optimal Basis for Safe and Ethical Intelligence – BICA ’10
Long Abstract * Powerpoint * Video

Technical Goals for the BICA Community – BICA ’10 Workshop

Deriving a Safe Ethical Architecture for Intelligent Machines – ECAP ’10
Extended Abstract * Powerpoint

Does a “Lovely” Have a Slave Mentality?
– OR – Why a Super-Intelligent God *WON’T* “Crush Us Like A Bug”- AGI ’10
Powerpoint * Video (starts about 27 minutes in)

Designing a Safe Motivational System for Intelligent Machines – AGI ’10
HTML * PDF * Powerpoint * Video

A Safe Ethical System for Intelligent Machines – BICA ’09
HTML * PDF * Powerpoint

Ethics for Recursively Self-Improving Machines – AGI ’09 (w/J Storrs Hall)
Powerpoint * Video

What Is Artificial General Intelligence?:
Clarifying The Goal For Engineering And Evaluation – AGI ’09
HTML * PDF * Powerpoint

Discovering The Foundations Of A Universal System of Ethics – BICA ’08
HTML * PDF * Powerpoint


  1. I would like to inform you of a book I have recently published, Posthuman Personhood. See:


    Daryl Wennemann Ph.D.

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