As you should be able to guess by the tagline (and the topic cloud ;-)), this blog is devoted to developing the science of morality.

Everyone is welcome and strongly encouraged to comment AS LONG AS there is an honest attempt to back up any statements.  Obtaining constructive criticism is one of the three primary purposes of the blog.  So, and in particular, pejorative statements like “You’re wrong”, “Your argument is nonsense”, or “You are confused” must be backed up with a detailed explanation of exactly why the pejorative is true.  The authors explicitly invoke Crocker’s Rule AS LONG AS there is meat with the cheese.  We will also feel free to belittle anyone who ignores repeated warnings (because we’re not willing to censor anyone if it’s at all avoidable).

On the other hand, we will not tolerate the belittling of any commenter who has an honest question or lack of understanding.  We realize that we do not know the most effective way to present our points and this blog is our attempt to improve our communications (as well as sharpening and improving our ideas).  This is not a blog to boost our egos and defend our point of view.  If we’re wrong, we’d rather fix it now rather than making a bigger fool of ourselves later.

At any rate, anyone who is truly interested in forwarding the science of morality (even if only by just learning about it) is more than welcome and should have absolutely nothing to worry about.  If you think we’re doing a good job, we would like to be paid in thoughtful comments, suggestions, questions, and most importantly recommendations to friends (so that we can increase the size of the community).


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