Posted by: Mark Waser | Feb 13, 2013

New Year’s Resolution Update II

So, it’s a dozen days into February (wow! time flies) . . . . time for another status check . . . . (posting here twice weekly clearly just isn’t going to happen . . . .)

As of the last status check, I’d just submitted 10,000 words/30 pages

and already put up five articles on

Since then, I’ve

  • submitted a proposal for a AAAI Fall Symposium
  • presented & been part of a panel for a Northern VA Tech Council Event (powerpoints available under the * My Papers * tab)
  • submitted Safe/Moral Autopoiesis & Consciousness (7,000 words/16 pages, previously Safely Crowd-Sourcing Seed AI) to the International Journal of Machine Consciousness

Next tasks are

My schedule for the year now looks like

(With everything else I’m planning/scheduling, I’ve had to drop attending Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2013 – September 19-22, Kiev, Ukraine).

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