Posted by: Mark Waser | Jan 12, 2013

New Year’s Resolution Update

So, it’s a dozen days into the New Year . . . . time to do my first status check . . . .

Hmmm.  I forgot that I was thinking of posting here twice weekly . . . .

I’d already put up two articles on

Since then, I’ve posted three more (two planned):

Still from the previous list

  • Reclaiming the Ultimate

To which I’m now adding

  • Artificial Wisdom
  • Avoiding de Garis’ Artilect War
  • Backward Induction: Rationality of Inappropriate Reductionism? – Part 3
  • Why I’m *NOT* a Transhumanist (but still post here)

I have just submitted 10,000 words/30 pages

Now, I’m moving on to

And, finally, in addition to hopefully attending and presenting at:

It looks like I will be doing a panel on Ethics in the Age of Intelligent Machines at the World Future Society Conference – July 19-21, Chicago, IL with James Giordano and a player to be named shortly.


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