Posted by: Mark Waser | Dec 11, 2012

An Early New Years Resolution

After nearly a year of writing only for conferences (and Facebook), I’ve decided that I really need to get (back?) into the habit of writing more regularly.

In an attempt to kick up both the quantity and the quality, I’ve decided to try to publish in an e-zine on average about once a week as well as posts here twice weekly.

My first two articles are already up on

Coming up (hopefully soon):

  • Backward Induction, Part 2
  • Reclaiming the Ultimate
  • Coherent Extrapolated Volition: The Next Generation

By invitation, I’ll also be submitting extended versions of two of my conference presentations to journals over the next two months:

And, finally, I hope to attend and present at:

Hopefully, I’ll be adding more journals (and maybe a conference or two) as time goes on.  I’ll be sure to publicize everything and provide pointers here (speaking of which, I’ve finally updated * My Papers * to include my paper and presentation from Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2012 in Palermo, Sicily in November).


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