Posted by: Mark Waser | Jan 2, 2012

Tech Support Hell

UPDATE:  I put a link to this post in the response portion of their “Dear Valued Linksys Customer, Thank you for contacting Linksys Technical Support. ” e-mail.  I wonder if anyone will actually click on it?  I’ll post any responses although they can just as easily post it in the comments themselves (imagine that — a website with self-service).

All I needed was a driver (to replace a corrupted file) which isn’t available via self-service from their website (for some unfathomable reason).

[2012-01-02 08:29:28] Please wait… Your number in the queue: 1
[2012-01-02 08:29:28] A representative will be joining you shortly.
[2012-01-02 08:29:31] Shehbaz (71592) has joined this session.
[2012-01-02 08:29:41] Shehbaz (71592): Thank you for contacting Cisco live chat for Linksys products. My name is Shehbaz (Badge ID: 71592) How may I assist you today ?
[2012-01-02 08:29:45] Mark Waser: Hi, I’m getting res_dll not found error


[2012-01-02 08:31:15] Mark Waser: Hello?
[2012-01-02 08:31:31] Shehbaz (71592): I will certainly help you. But may I ask you a few questions before we proceed? Which country are you located in? May I have your e-mail address and phone number (in case our chat session gets disconnected). Model and Serial Number of the Linksys product.

<Note: all of this information was on a form that I had to fill out before chat was initiated>

[2012-01-02 08:32:54] Mark Waser: USA, mwaser@no.spam, 703-###-####, WRT54GS ver. 6, CGN91F696078


[2012-01-02 08:35:56] Mark Waser: bump
[2012-01-02 08:36:40] Shehbaz (71592): Thank you for the information !
[2012-01-02 08:36:54] Shehbaz (71592): Are you running the setup CD to install the router ?
[2012-01-02 08:37:56] Mark Waser: The router has been installed and operational for years. I have changed nothing that I am aware of on the PC (of course, with Windows updates, you never know . . . )


[2012-01-02 08:40:10] Shehbaz (71592): Well as the router is working fine as it is already installed the .dll error is related to the system file of Windows. I will suggest you to contact Microsoft related to this error.
[2012-01-02 08:40:11] Shehbaz (71592): According to the serial number (CGN91F696078) provided by you the product is listed as being out of warranty and the warranty on the product was good till Oct 2009 and is no longer eligible for chat support.
[2012-01-02 08:41:31] Shehbaz (71592): Is there any other Cisco product that you need help with?
[2012-01-02 08:41:59] Mark Waser: Wow! <sarcasm>Excellent customer support</sarcasm> Does this mean that I should switch to a new company because I don’t buy a new router often enough for you to help me?
[2012-01-02 08:43:03] Shehbaz (71592): Well this error is not related to the Linksys. It is a Windows operating system related error and we do not have any experties on it. You will have to contact Microsoft for this.

<Yes, let’s blame someone else for the problem . . . except . . . .>

[2012-01-02 08:43:43] Mark Waser: Where can I get a copy of res_dll.dll which is a file that LinkSys originally installed
[2012-01-02 08:45:02] Shehbaz (71592): The file might have gone courroupt. You can simply uninstall the linksys software and reinstall it.

<Oooh, over 15 minutes in but I might be succeeding . . . >

[2012-01-02 08:45:55] Mark Waser: Where on your site can I locate the installation software?
[2012-01-02 08:46:32] Shehbaz (71592): I will provide you the link
[2012-01-02 08:47:06] Shehbaz (71592): Please click on the link below and save it to the desktop location.
[2012-01-02 08:47:09] Shehbaz (71592):
[2012-01-02 08:49:47] Shehbaz (71592): You can reinstall this software and check if the issue gets resolved. As the device is out of warranty It cannot be supported on chat more than this.

<Shehbaz has now provided me with a link to software to setup the router, NOT to a driver.  I suspect that the driver is included in this software but the first thing it wants is for me to have my computer directly attached to the Internet without the router — which isn’t going to happen without a substantial amount of equipment movement.  Why can’t I just have the driver?  Why isn’t it just available on their website?>

[2012-01-02 08:49:56] Shehbaz (71592): Also please make a note of our phone number where you can connect with our phone support staff where they can offer you technical assistance through various fee-based support options. And the number would be – 1-866-978-1315.
[2012-01-02 08:51:35] Mark Waser: Awesome. Thank you very much. And might I suggest that immediately going to the out of warranty spiel is going to lose Cisco far more money by driving customers away than supporting them
[2012-01-02 08:55:48] Shehbaz (71592): Well I have informed you right at the beginning that the device is out of warrant and cannot be supported on chat but I did provided you the setup wizard and a possible way to resolve this. As per the company policies I am bound to give you the options for phone support or the article to troubleshoot on your own but as the article is not available I provided you the Setup wizard and also the phone support number.
[2012-01-02 08:55:56] Shehbaz (71592): Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Live Chat Support. For your records a transcript of this chat session will be e-mailed to you. Feel free to contact us if you require further assistance.  Thank you for choosing Cisco and have a great day!

Yeah, a good start to a great day . . . . wasting nearly half an hour NOT being helped with something that *should* have been self-service from the website.  Let me help you with a little bad publicity . . . .


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