Posted by: Mark Waser | Oct 10, 2011

Who says good science can’t also be fun?

WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK!: Mathematical Modelling of an Outbreak of Zombie Iinfection
Philip Munz, Ioan Hudea, Joe Imad, Robert J. Smith
Chapter 4 (pp. 133-150) in
Infectious Disease Modelling Research Progress (ISBN 978-1-60741-347-9)
Editors: J.M. Tchuenche and C. Chiyaka
c 2009 Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

From the paper:

This is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the first mathematical analysis of an outbreak of zombie
infection. While the scenarios considered are obviously not realistic, it is nevertheless
instructive to develop mathematical models for an unusual outbreak. This demonstrates
the flexibility of mathematical modelling and shows how modelling can respond to a wide
variety of challenges in ‘biology’.

The key difference between the models presented here and other models of infectious
disease is that the dead can come back to life. Clearly, this is an unlikely scenario if taken
literally, but possible real-life applications may include allegiance to political parties, or
diseases with a dormant infection.

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