Posted by: Mark Waser | Mar 22, 2011

Budget Insanity/Governing Blindly

I don’t know which is more idiotic, the lack of transparency or the belief that you can govern without information but it’s clearly the deal of a lifetime for some, save 3.6 million — primarily by cutting 30 full-time jobs — AND never have to deal with those pesky facts of where federal money goes or why it goes there.

The Census Bureau Budget (specific clauses cited here) presented to Congress in February defunds both the Federal Financial Statistics program (including the Consolidated Federal Funds/CFF report and online query system and the Federal Aid to States/FAS report) and the entire Statistical Compendia Branch (including the Statistical Abstract and supplements like the State and Metropolitan Area Data Book and the County and City Data Book).  The former details where Federal money is actually spent while the latter includes an incredible wealth of facts and statistics necessary to sensibly allocate funds (DO click on a couple of the links).

Complaining to your congress-roids may have some effect . . . .


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