Posted by: Mark Waser | Mar 4, 2011

Ron Paul: I don’t believe in evolution

American physician and Republican Congressman Ron Paul says evolution is “only a theory” which he does not hold as true.

My question is — “How did he get through medical school?”

From Machines Like Us



  1. I’ve been watching the presidential debates recently and I’ve been fooled to think that he is a reasonable candidate.

  2. They all believe in a god, and a pretty specific version of a god at that, so I don’t see how holding an irrational, non-evidenced worldview bars an American from office.

    • Holding an irrational, non-evidenced worldview does not bar one from office. However, it is certainly sub-optimal and should lead rational individuals with an evidenced worldview to vote against them.

      • But I thought in America there was a separation of church and state and no-one would vote on the basis of someone else’s faith?


      • lol

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