Posted by: Becoming Gaia | Jul 10, 2010

Truly Frightening

I’ve seen this as a puzzle a number of times before and found it moderately amusing . . . . until now when I saw the “explanation(s)



  1. Shame on me, it took me three minutes to figure out the trick.

  2. Don’t worry about the explanations, I guess it is pure selection bias. That there *are* people so confused (i.e. not understanding the concept of explanation — not understanding that “a trick” is a better explanation than “changing the events in the past by a trick” or “monitoring the eye movements by a trick”) is not news to me.

  3. I guess what you mean by frightening is stuff like this among the explanations:

    …we have decided you must have great mental ESP powers. We have even started a small club/cult to worship and study you and your page. We have even created a shrine from pieces of Stonehenge which we bought over the internet at a great deal. …we have found a large energy field surrounds you as well as a strong psychic power in your mother’s family. We hope to find out more of where this ESP comes from in the future and will let you know.

    Aw man. LOL.

  4. I guess that the more “outrageous” comments are simply jokes. People’s wrongdoing and stupidity is a frequent theme on LessWrong, but I have a pick from a different part of the blogosphere:
    Lack of meritocracy is an actual problem, politicians to some extent derive power from taxpayers’ money.

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