Posted by: Becoming Gaia | Jun 11, 2010

Challenge: What Are *MY* Views On The Fermi Paradox?

Prize(s) will be awarded.



  1. 😉

  2. 😉

    P.S. I have a deja-vu feeling, but I don’t see the Phil Goetz story posted here, sorry if I’m reposting.

  3. It was caught by WordPress’s SPAM filter. I think it doesn’t like URLs with nothing else.

    No worries.

  4. “Epicurus’ view was that there were gods, but that they were neither willing nor able to prevent evil. This was not because they were malevolent, but because they lived in a perfect state of ataraxia, a state everyone should strive to emulate; it is not the gods who are upset by evils, but people. Epicurus conceived the gods as blissful and immortal yet material beings made of atoms inhabiting the metakosmia: empty spaces between worlds in the vastness of infinite space.”



  5. I’m increasingly curious — when is the conclusion coming? Related: I’ve been rewatching Star Trek series recently and I don’t think that the Prime Directive (including the Temporal Prime Directive) is right (as a strong moral — deontological — rule, i.e. one where context-dependent exceptions are very rare and have to be very carefully weighted) under the “cooperate with the good guys” view. (Why “not interfere” is a better default than “cooperate”? Moreover, when the other party seeks and needs help, and perhaps can contribute? To “strengthen their character” by letting them do all the work of coming out?) What do you think?

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